Some time in the last couple months, Woodstock had erected a Public Meeting Notice sign at a property just off Lampman Pl behind Woodstock’s Holiday Inn. This development would provide many jobs and give more meeting and conference room for the Oxford County area.

Developers are wanting to create two large buildings here:

  • 6 storey hotel sized 11,727.0 square ft
  • 4 storey conference centre sized 10,197.41 square ft

Some residents reached out to us mentioning that they’re worried about traffic concerns. This development will bring in tourists and community members from nearby cities to this area.

Many residents are also happy to see this development and hope it goes through. They mentioned could be a great addition to the Norwich Strip district and be great for Woodstock’s growth and economy.

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There will be two public meetings regarding these proposed property changes:

For further information you can contact the Oxford County Planning Office at (519) 539 9800.

The location of this proposed development

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