Hello everyone!

Here at Oxford Regional News we focus on the importance of community. We want all of Oxford County to be connected and able to communicate together. That is why we do so much to help bring our awesome community members together.

Our latest adventure in expanding our reach to all demographics is our new Discord server! Discord is a universal realtime chat service, used by millions! Lots of Oxford residents are active on the Discord chat platform and we want them included.

On our new Discord server you can submit tips, stay updated, discuss articles, and see Oxford County in realtime.

You can join our server by clicking here. 
Otherwise, if you know how to use a Discord Code… Here is ours: YvU5Vsa

Dylan Carr

Dylan Carr

Owner of OxfordCentral.ca! Thanks for using my website, I hope you enjoy it. If you see me around... Say Hello!

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