A major goal of ours is to help promote our favorite locations in Oxford. One of our new strategies on doing that is by giving shoutouts to local businesses in Oxford County. Starting September 1st, we are staring our new monthly program where we go check out nominated businesses and see how great they are. Then we release a in-depth review of their services to help promote their business.

For our first business of the month ever, we chose Prime Barbershop!

Prime Barbershop is located on the west-end of downtown Woodstock at 370 Dundas St. They are a small shop, but full of character and personality. Shortly after opening, Prime had gotten significant attention on social media platforms such as Facebook and Reddit. Every time someone mentions getting a local haircut done, you can bet that Prime Barbershop is the first suggestion.

Wesley Mitchell started this shop in August of 2017, when no other salons were looking for a dedicated barber. “Opening Prime was an attempt to service the gentlemen of Woodstock who didnt have a place to call their own” Wesley mentioned. “I wanted to help revitalize downtown by attracting other small businesses to join me”.

All this great success hasn’t come without a few obstacles in the way, “While having our roof replaced – roofers set a fire in 2018 that shut us down for almost 4 months. But we survived.” Wesley said. After the disasterous fire, many of Prime Barbershop’s clients were reaching out trying to support the shop in any way they can.

When asked about how Covid-19 affected the shop, “Sales are down drastically, as we are required to work at limited capacity.” Wes explained. He went on: “We reorganized the shop to create better distancing, upgraded the hvac system, invested in more disinfectant and cleaning tools, which was costly but necessary.  There are still lots of our clients nervous about getting services, which is to be expected.”

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Prime Barbershop offers a few different services in their shop, they offer:

  • Haircut – $25
    “Carefully crafted, quality mens haircut.  Includes blowdry and style with high quality Canadian made styling products.  Make it PRIME!! +$5   Prime service includes a hot towel treatment, warm lather and nape shave with razor. ”
  • Beard Trim – $15
    “Clipper, trimmer and scissor shaping of your beard.  Make it PRIME! +$5  Prime service includes hot towel treatment, straight razor line-up on cheeks and throat, soothing aftershave and high quality Canadian made beard oil or balm.”
  • Haircut and Beard Trim combo – $35
    “The ultimate haircut and beard trim combination.  A precision haircut and style followed by the sculpting of your facial hair.  Make it PRIME! +$5  A prime service includes a hot towel treatment, warm lather and razor finish.”

I asked the Prime team what they think of Woodstock’s downtown district, they responded: “I think the BIA and the city do what they can to promote and develop downtown, but it will only be as vibrant as the citizens want it to be. More Woodstonians need to utilize the businesses and services downtown if they want it to grow. I think the police do what they can to keep the downtown core safe, but without the citizenry downtown, the troublemakers feel they can frighten and intimidate without consequences. I really believe that to make downtown safer, we all have to come more. The more we avoid going downtown, the more trouble will brew.”

Another question I asked the Prime Barbershop team is how their community treats them. They responded: “We feel that the right clients treat us right. By that we mean that we are not everything to everybody. Some people arent going to like the way we have decorated, or the music we play, or our prices, or our location, and thats okay. We are happy to recommend places they might like more. The people who do like what we do treat us very well. We are committed to donating to local charities, sponsoring sports teams, volunteering to coach and mentor and to making Woodstock the best it can be. This attracts the right clients for us, the people dedicated to contributing to their community.”

I went in to get a haircut to try out their shop! I booked an appointment and was in almost instantly with no wait. Wesley had greeted me and brought me to his barber chair, and we went into conversation about various topics while he did his magic. I ended up with an amazing haircut very professionally done. Wes went into great detail while he was explaining how to maintain my style.

Prime Barbershop is currently taking in clients for their services. You can access their services through the Booksy service, walking right in, or calling ahead for an appointment. You can call Prime Barbershop at (519) 290 2467.

  • Monday – Closed
  • Tuesday – 11AM to 7PM
  • Wednesday – 11AM to 7PM
  • Thursday – 11AM to 7PM
  • Friday – 11AM to 7PM
  • Saturday  10AM to 3PM
  • Sunday – Closed

Service notice: Prime Barbershop will be closed to clients September 14th to September 19th.

Thank you for reading our first local business of the month! Contact us to nominate the next local business in Oxford County!

Dylan Carr

Dylan Carr

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