Woodstock is in a bit of a development boom right now and one of the fastest growing areas is the Norwich Strip. This busy and massive shopping district has hundreds of retailers, eateries, and other commercial entities. There has been notable expansions to this district on the southern side, where a new plaza has been under construction.

Today, a new sign has gone up showing what upcoming entities are reaching Woodstock:

  • Starbucks
    Modern and comfortable coffee shop full of different types of beverages and bakery items.
  • Sunset Grill
    All-day breakfest, brunch, and lunch resturant that creates fresh menu items.
  • Mary Browns¬†Chicken
    Fast food place offering chicken and similar menu items. Kinda like Popeyes or KFC but covers the southern side of the city.
  • Booster Juice
    Modern store dedicated to offering fresh smoothies and other healthy selections
  • Osmows
    A Mediterranean resturant offering items like shawarmas, platters, and wraps.
  • Mucho Burrito
    Fast food resturant offering Mexican food like burritos or tacos.


All great options to have in Woodstock! Only Starbucks has told us that they are opening soon, the rest have not given timelines.

When looking into the developers of this plaza I found site plans that show how this area will grow over the next few years. These site plans show that they wish to introduce a couple more retailers to this plaza in phase 3 of development:

When looking at this site plan we notice:

  • Figure F
    Proposed building approximately the size of East Side Mario’s being developed just beside that establishment. Has lots of parking and a bay for loading trucks.
  • Figure G
    Large building with two large bays for transport trucks, this will likely be a large store with a niche selection of products. Rumors are that a Michaels will be opening in this spot here but they are not confirmed.

The southern end of Woodstock is growing ridiculously fast and I can’t wait to see future development! I hope you enjoy all these new options that wil be opening soon. I will be in contact with these commercial units to see if I can get more information for you guys.

Also important to note that Burger King in this plaza is being completely renovated. Due to these awesome looking upgrades, it is currently closed until futher notice.



Dylan Carr

Dylan Carr

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