Today we are looking at a service in Woodstock called SkipTheDishes. This is a food-delivery & pickup service offering 20+ eateries, stores, and bakeries in the city. This service can be used in the mobile app, or can even be used on their website.

SkipTheDishes works by making it super easy and quick to get all your favorite foods. There are two sides to how Skip works:

  • Businesses: 
    Eateries, bakeries, and even convenient stores can join Skip and get easy delivery for their business. They get their name listed on the SkipTheDishes network for all local users. From there, they get delivery drivers coming to pick up food for customers. The business gets a slice of their profits sent to SkipTheDishes in exchange for the delivery network.
  • Couriers:
    SkipTheDishes advertises freelance-like jobs where you can pick your own hours and be a delivery driver! When you are active in the app, you get alerts for orders that Woodstonians have created. You are then sent to the business to pickup the order, and drive it to the hungry customer to deliver it.

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We had reached out for a comment on their performance for the Woodstock region. This is what the SkipTheDishes spokesperson had said:

Across the country, Canadians have been using SkipTheDishes to support local restaurants and as a tool for social distancing during COVID-19. Woodstock has been showing its love throughout 2020, with the following restaurants being Woodstock’s favourite independents:

  1. Chiba Sushi (Dundas St.)
  2. Crispy Slice Pizza and Wings (Dundas St.)
  3. Tandoori Delights (Dundas St.)

Looking at the most popular restaurants, it’s no surprise that the order trends match. The top three most-ordered items in Woodstock are naan, samosas, and California rolls.

So far this year, the most expensive order in Woodstock was just over $275 and it included a wide array of sushi. Whoever you are, we hope you enjoyed your feast!

Throughout COVID-19, Skip has been hungry to help – that’s why we have given over $24 million back to our restaurant partners and community through commission rebates and order-driving initiatives across the country. Through our restaurant tipping feature, our customers have shown their support to local restaurants with over $900,000 in direct donations, helping restaurateurs through these unprecedented times.

With no added or hidden services fees, Skip makes delivery an accessible tool for social distancing for Canadians from coast to coast.”

What’s available on SkipTheDishes

At the time of this article, SkipTheDishes offers these commercial locations in Woodstock:

  1. Harvey’s
  2. McDonald’s
  3. Wendy’s
  4. Chick Boss Cake
  5. Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery
  6. 7-Eleven
  7. Tandoori Delights
  8. The Barnyard
  9. Boston Pizza
  10. Chiba Sushi
  11. Crispy Slice Pizza And Wings
  12. Gino’s Pizza
  13. Kebab & Shawarma
  14. Twice the deal pizza
  15. Quesada Burritos & Tacos
  16. BarBurrito
  17. East Side Mario’s
  18. Crabby Joe’s Tap & Grill
  19. Kelseys
  20. Double Double
  21. KFC
  22. Pizza
  23. Popeyes

There was recently a spike to the amount of restaurants on SkipTheDishes after Covid-19 started affecting Woodstock. It was getting more difficult for businesses to sell their product to customers, so using Skip was an easy way to help revenue. New commercial locations are still being added pretty frequently, so there is usually something new every time you use it.

How do you use SkipTheDishes?

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Using the SkipTheDishes service is actually pretty easy! There are a few ways to access the Skip network, even if you don’t have a smart phone.

  1. Smart Phones or Tablets:
    You can download the SkipTheDishes application for your respective platform.
    Download on Apple/iOS
    Download on Google/AndroidYou can just launch the app and it starts the setup process! From there you get to choose your meal and have it delivered, or get it ready for pickup.
  2. Computers & Other Web Devices
    Skip also offers a website to view menus, create orders, and track your couriers. This website is equivalent to the app so you can even order your favorite meals on your computer!

What do you guys think of the SkipTheDishes app? Has it helped you through the Covid-19 situation? Comment down below!

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Brian Bartlett
Brian Bartlett
1 month ago

Thanks Dylan, very informative. Did you have opportunity to speak with any couriers?

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