Right in the center of Oxford County is Woodstock – the biggest city of the region. Woodstock is a medium-sized urban centre with a population of 41K+ that has been attracting more tech workers over the past decade. 

Woodstock is in a great spot for innovation. The friendly city is right along both Highway 401 and Highway 403. This gives community members quick access to all nearby major cities.  

The goal of Oxford Central’s technology campaign is to help encourage more development and adoption of the Woodstock tech industry. We want to bring more workers who specialize in network security, information technology, computer science, web developers, and other related career paths.

Woodstock is a great spot to start your technology-based business! This page will guide you along your way to getting involved in the City of Woodstock. 

Disclaimer: Oxford Central is not officially affiliated with the City of Woodstock.

About the new 5G network

5G has officially launched in select districts within Woodstock, provided by the Rogers network! 5G is the next-generation mobile network that allows speeds of up to 1gbps with near 1ms latency. This not only gives your smartphone crazy-fast network performance, some examples of what this great technology can do is:

  • Lightning-fast mobile networks.
  • Self-driving cars.
  • Smart cities.
  • Smarter healthcare.
  • Better virtual reality.
  • More efficient drone technology.

LTE Coverage: Yellow
5G Coverage: Orange

Information accurate as of October 13th 2020. 

About Woodstock

Over 1 million residents are within an hour drive of Woodstock Ontario! This is a significant factor when building your startup company in the region. An office in Downtown Woodstock would be significantly lower in cost compared to one in neighbouring cities, yet still be easy to access from everyone in Southwestern Ontario! 

In-Construction Medical Offices near Woodstock’s New Hospital
Office block with high-residential and Fanshawe campus in Downtown Woodstock
Oxford County headquarters in Downtown Woodstock

Woodstock is rapidly growing to satisfy the demand for housing, industrial, and commercial space here! In the next decade, this urban centre is projected to go through significant downtown revitalization. These developments are making this the best time to invest in Woodstock!

Woodstock is also no stranger to urban & inter-community transit. The Friendly City has fantastic bus coverage throughout majority of city, and has connections to other urban centres. Woodstock is a 1.5 hour train ride to Toronto, and a 35 minutes train ride to London. 

The City of Woodstock also has bus connections to the majority of Oxford County and London 5 days a week. 

Helpful Resources

Work In Oxford

A local website dedicated to helping those find employment, get resources for their business, or start their own business! 

City of Woodstock

The official website for the City of Woodstock has plenty of resources for potential business owners or those wanting to join the workforce in the community.

Oxford County

Since Woodstock resides within the Regional Municipality of Oxford, their business resources also can help you out in the community!

Offices in Downtown Woodstock

Woodstock Chamber of Commerce

The website for Woodstock’s Chamber of Commerce provides service to existing businesses in the community. This is a very useful resource if you’re wanting to incorporate in Woodstock!

Come To The Crossroads

This is a very useful website targeted towards encouraging economic development in Woodstock! The website provides lots of information regarding the location and connections you get by incorporating in Woodstock. 

Oxford Connection

Similar to the Crossroads website, this site helps promote business & economic development in the Regional Municipality of Oxford. This website is more specific when looking at the relations upon markets in the United States. 

Christmas Celebrations in Downtown Woodstock