This funding announcement came from Oxford MPP Ernie Hardeman on August 5th. Hardeman mentions in his announcement that over $6.2 million from the government funding is going towards local transit infastructure. The funded projects are as followed:

  1. 2 new Woodstock Transit busses
  2. New bus-stop signs
  3. Transit software
  4. Expansion of bus garage and bus storage
  5. Construction of a new automatic bus washing building

These funding announcements will definitely create future development and growth for Woodstock’s transit system. Before covid-19 Woodstock had shown the goals of increasing transit reach and efficiency. They had announced that they want to increase bus lines to go further north above the Pittock area, and to have the other lines reach further out in their various directions.

The 2 new busses and other infastructure could definitely help Woodstock reach its goals with transit efficiency and growth in the urban centre of Oxford. It also helps since the new inter-community bus service has launched and they will connect with Woodstock Transit and can even reach London’s Victoria Hospital neighborhood!

Dylan Carr

Dylan Carr

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