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On August 28th the Facebook page for Chick Boss Cake made an announcement. They said that they will be opening September 1st at 10AM in Woodstock! Chick Boss Cake has been servicing the Oxford County area for the past while, however they recently made the decision to open a storefront here. This will aid delivery speeds, costs, and offer a visual approach to those interested in their products and services. Who doesn’t want cake close to home?

Chick Boss Cake’s storefront is located on West-end Dundas St next to the Shoppers Drug Mart. Their store hours will be Tuesday to Saturday 10AM to 6PM, however you can order products 24/7 from their website.

The Chick Boss Cake website has lots of pre-created cake designs, like the ones shown in the picture below:



They also have other awesome treats such as cupcakes, donuts, butter tarts, and other desserts! They allow customized orders too, so you can always have the perfect treat for you.

Right now they have a promotion going on for their grand opening. The first 50 people on September 1st get a $25 gift card, if they spend at least $15 in-store. Here is the screenshot explaining this promotion:

Are you planning on enjoying the yummy treats from this new Woodstock storefront? Let us know in the comments below! You can check out their website at ChickBossCake.com.

Dylan Carr

Dylan Carr

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Trish R
Trish R
1 month ago

While sugar layered with more sugar is great. Hope they make some steps forward to tastier natural flavors. Fruit purees in their cakes , toppings and icing would really be beneficial to their inventory.

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